Archived Sermons

Archived Sermons

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March 5 2023-pm-Colly- The Silence of Scripture

February 26  2023-pm-Matt-Making Disciples

February 26 2023-am-Colly-Rich Fool

November 20 2022-pm-Colly-Don't Give Up

May 22 2022-pm-Colly-Our Inheritance

May 15 2022-pm-Matt-What Must I Do

May 15 2022-am-Colly-The Healer Heals Our Hearts

May 1 2022-am-Colly-Rainbow in the Clouds

April 24,2022-pm-Colly-Blessed are the Peacemakers

April 24,2022-am-Matt-The church at Corinth

April 17,2022-pm-Matt-Do Not Fear, Isa.8

April 17,2022-am-Colly-Resurrection of the Dead

April 10,2022-pm-Rick-Apostle's Authority to Teach

April 3,2022-pm-Colly-Building a Foundation

March 27,2022-am-Colly-A Wedding Ceremony

March 20,2022-pm-Colly-Proverbs 12 Wise Advice for the Week

March 20,2022-am-Matt-Prayer, Peace and the Gospel

March 13,2022-am-Colly-Psalm 139

March 6,2022-am-Matt-A Model Church

Feb 27,2022-pm-Matt-Making a Marriage Work

Feb 27,2022-am-Matt-Following Jesus

Feb 20,2022-pm-Colly-Near to the Heart of God

Feb 13,2022-pm-Matt- Greed Got into Gehazi

Feb 13,2022-am-Colly- A Shocking Revelation

Feb 6, 2022-pm-John Madrigal - All of God's Word

Feb 6, 2022-am-Colly-Peter's Portrait of True Femininity

Jan 30, 2022-am-Ray-Wives of the Prophets

Jan 23, 2022-pm-Rick-Humility

Jan 23, 2022-am-Colly-Let the Children Come to Me

Jan 16, 2022-pm-Colly-Asking Jesus a Question

Jan 16, 2022-am-Matt-Elijah and God's Word

Jan 9, 2022-am-Colly-Knowing God's Word

Jan 2, 2022-pm-Ray

Jan 2, 2022-am-Matt-Spiritual Entropy

Dec 26, 2021-am-Ray-2 Contents, 2 Realities

Dec 19, 2021-pm-Colly-Psalm 8 O LORD Our Lord

Dec 19, 2021-am-Matt-Obedience (Ecclesiastes)

Dec 12, 2021-pm-Matt-Being Content (Ecclesiastes)

Dec 12, 2021-am-Colly-Role of Singing

Dec 5, 2021-pm-Matt-Growth is the Goal

Dec 5, 2021-am-Ray-The Greatest Gift

Nov 28, 2021-am-Matt-Count Your Blessings

Nov 28, 2021-pm-Colly-A Different Kind Of Ruler

Nov 21, 2021-am-Colly-Christ Will Come

Nov 21, 2021-pm-Matt-In That Generation

Nov 14, 2021-am-Ray-Thy Word Is Truth

Nov 14, 2021-pm-Matt-Help With My Troubles

Nov  7, 2021-am-Colly-The Great Invitation

Nov  7, 2021-pm-Matt-Job's Troubles

Oct 31, 2021-am-Matt-Now I Know

Oct 31, 2021-pm-Colly-Listen  -  God Is Laughing

Oct 24, 2021-am-Matt-We Need Forgiveness

Oct 24, 2021-pm-Rick-Message Of The Creation

Oct 17, 2021-Matt-am-Don't Fret

Oct 17, 2021-Colly-pm-What Must I Do To Be Saved

Oct 10, 2021-am-Colly-Why Praise God

Oct 10, 2021-pm-Matt-Boasting In God

Oct  3, 2021-am-Matt-Am Important Choice

Oct  3, 2021-pm-Ray-Negotiations With God

Sep 26, 2021-am-Colly-He Who Promised Is Faithful

Sep 26, 2021-pm-Matt-A Special Birth

Sep 19, 2021-am-Matt-The Lord Is My Shepherd

Sep 19, 2021-pm-Colly-Why Am I A Member Of The Church Of Christ part3

Sep 12, 2021-am-Colly-If We Miss Heaven We Miss It All

Sep 12, 2021-pm-Matt-Wait For The Lord

Sep  5, 2021-am-Ray-Life Liberty Happiness

Sep  5, 2021-pm-Colly-Why Am I A Christian part2

Aug 29, 2021-am-Colly-Why Am I A Memeber Of The Church Of Christ (no audio)

Aug 29, 2021-pm-Matt-Teach Them Dilligently (no audio)

Aug 22, 2021-am-Matt-THe Good News Of The Gospel

Aug 22, 2021-pm-Colly-I Have Decided To Follow Jesus

Aug 15, 2021-am-Colly-Babel

Aug 15, 2021-pm-Matt-What About Those That Have Not Heard The Gospel

Aug  8, 2021-am-Matt-Front End And Back End

Aug  8, 2021-pm-Colly-Conscience

Aug  1, 2021-am-Colly-Our High Priest

Aug  1, 2021-pm-Matt-Good Advice

Jul 25, 2021-am-Matt-Overcoming Discouragement

Jul 25, 2021-pm-Colly-no audio

Jul 18, 2021-am-Ray-Why Should I Believe In Salvation?

Jul 18, 2021-pm-Matt-What Might Have Been

Jul 11, 2021-am-Matt-The Road To Humility

Jul 11, 2021-pm-Colly-All Things Are Yours

Jul  4, 2021-am-Colly-John 8

Jul  4, 2021-pm-Rick-Rock Of My Salvation

Jun 27, 2021-am-Matt-Turn On The Light, Pass The Salt

Jun 27, 2021-pm-Colly-Acts 26

Jun 20, 2021-am-Colly-The Faith Of A Father

Jun 20, 2021-pm-Matt- Being More, Not Just Doing More

Jun 13, 2021-am-Matt-In The Fullness Of TImes

Jun 13, 2021-pm-Colly-Danger Zones

Jun  6, 2021-am-Colly-Glorify God For His Mercy

Jun  6, 2021-pm-Matt-A Plan To Succeed

May 30, 2021-am-Matt-A Memorial To Remember

May 30, 2021-pm-Matt-A Message Of Grace, David and Mephibosheth

May 23, 2021-am-Colly-Deacons

May 28, 2021-pm-Matt-David Moves The Ark

May 16, 2021-am-Matt-Best Friends Forever

May 16, 2021-pm-Colly-Be Careful Little Eyes

May  9, 2021-am-Colly-Exemplary Mother

May  9, 2021-pm-Matt-Saul And The Amalakites

May  2, 2021-am-Matt-Saul's Struggle

May  2, 2021-pm-Colly-To Be Smart Or Wise

Apr 25, 2021-am-Colly-Consequential Choices

Apr 25, 2021-pm-Matt-Work To Do

Apr 18, 2021-am-Matt-Every Day Counts

Apr 18, 2021-pm-Colly-Signs Our Religion Is Real

Apr 11, 2021-am-Colly-A Hearer In Front Of A Mirror

Apr 11, 2021-pm-Matt-Increase Our Faith

Apr  4, 2021-am-Matt-The Lost Boys

Apr  4, 2021-pm-Colly-People Imagine A Vain Thing

Mar 28, 2021-am-Colly-Rejoice Always

Mar 28, 2021-pm-Matt-Listening To The First Sermon

Mar 21, 2021-am-Matt-Jesus Transforms Us

Mar 21, 2021-pm-Colly-Introducing Our King And His Spiritual Kingdom

Mar 14, 2021-am-Colly-Open The Storehouses

Mar 14, 2021-pm-Matt-Raised With Christ

Mar  7, 2021-am-Ray-The Righteous Goal

Mar  7, 2021-pm-Matt-Recieving Rest, Jubilee

Feb 28, 2021-am Colly-Providence: God's Creation Covenant

Feb 28, 2021-pm- Matt-Why We Need A High Priest

Feb 21, 2021,-am-Matt-Seeking Joy

Feb 21, 2021-pm-Colly-How We Should Pray

Feb 14, 2021-am-Colly-Remebering Your Creator

Feb 14, 2021-pm-Matt-Numbering Our Days

Feb  7, 2021-am-Matt-Do You See Anything

Feb  7, 2021-pm-Colly-What Is A Christian

Jan 31, 2021-am-Colly-Temptation

Jan 31, 2021-pm-Rick-Joy During Times Of Stress

Jan 24, 2021-am-Colly-Blessed Assurance

Jan 24, 2021-pm-Matt-The King Of Glory Psalm 24

Jan 17, 2021-am-Matt-Inside Or Outside

Jan 17, 2021-pm-Colly-Lessons From Jonah

Jan 10, 2021-am-Colly-Mystery Of Godliness

Jan 10, 2021-pm-Matt-What Must I Do To Be Saved

Jan  3, 2021-am-Ray-Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

Jan  3, 2021-pm-Matt-The Good News About Jesus

Dec 27, 2020-am-Matt-Grow Up!

Dec 27, 2020-pm-Matt-By Faith

Dec 20, 2020-pm-Colly-Star Of Jacob

Dec 20, 2020-pm-Matt-Holding Fast To Our Hope

Dec 13, 2020-am-Matt-Our Stone Of Help

Dec 13, 2020-pm-Colly-Baptism In A Proper Setting

Dec  6, 2020-am-Colly-Morals and Manners

Nov 29, 2020-am-Matt-Preaching In Prison

Nov 29, 2020-pm-Colly-Spritiual Blessings Are Conditional

Nov 22, 2020-am-Colly-It's About Gratitiude

Nov 22, 2020-pm-Matt-A Letter Of Reccomendation

Nov 15, 2020-am-Matt-The Ressurection, Why It Matters

Nov  15, 2020-pm-Colly-Spiritual Blessings In Heavenly Places

Nov  8, 2020-am-Colly-Some Rules For Living

Nov  8, 2020-pm-Matt-It Is Better To Give

Nov  1, 2020-am-Matt-How To Escape Temptation

Nov  1, 2020-pm-Colly-Three Hours Of Darkness

Oct 25, 2020-am-Colly-Pleading For Prayer

Oct 25, 2020-pm-Matt-What God Is Really Like

Oct 18, 2020-am-Ray -The Nature Of Our Battle

Oct 18, 2020-pm-Matt-In The Middle Of The Night

Oct 11, 2020-am-Colly-How Do We Forgive

Oct 11, 2020-pm-Matt-How To Encourage

Oct  4, 2020-Matt-Christ Crucified

Oct  4, 2020-pm-Colly-Book Of Life

Sep 27, 2020-am-Colly-I Will Build My Church

Sep 27, 2020-pm-Matt-Seeing Is Believing John 20

Sep 20, 2020 -am-Matt-The True Vine

Sep 13, 2020-am-Colly-In Tune With The Standard Eph 4

Sep 13, 2020-pm-Matt-Seeking My Identity Psalm 8

Sep  6, 2020-am-Matt-True Freedom

Sep  6, 2020-pm-Colly-Introducing Jesus' Character 1 Peter 2 21-25

Mar 15, 2020-Matt-Our Dependence On God

Mar  8, 2020-am-Colly-Glory Of God On Zion

Mar  8, 2020-pm-Matt-Contentment Is Great Gain

Mar  1, 2020-am-Matt-Keeping Our Hearts From Hardening

Mar  1, 2020-pm-Colly-The Lord Has Blessed Me Until Now

Feb 23, 2020-am-Colly-Providence Of God

Feb 23, 2020-pm-Matt-Godliness With Contentment

Feb 16, 2020-am-Matt-A Call For Help

Feb 16, 2020-pm-Colly-Great Character Challenges

Feb  9, 2020-am-Colly -The Ethiopian

Feb  9, 2020-pm-Matt-Godliness

Feb  2, 2020-am-Ferrell-The Living Water

Feb  2, 2020-pm-John Weaver-God's Generation

Jan 26, 2020-am-Matt-Abraham's Journey

Jan 26, 2020-pm-Colly-Faith Each Day

Jan 19, 2020-am-Colly-Helping God

Jan 19, 2020-pm-Matt-Walking With God

Jan 12, 2020-am-Matt-Journey Through The Bible

Jan 12, 2020-pm-Colly-Oxen Clean But No Product

Jan  5, 2020-am-Colly-Another Look At Two Brothers

Jan  5, 2020-pm-Matt-Caleb's Faith

Dec 30, 2018-am-Colly-Trust In The Lord

Dec 30, 2018-pm-Matt-Reading Through The Bible

Dec 23, 2018-am-Matt-A Surprising Deliverance

Dec 23, 2018-pm-Colly-Give Us A King

Dec 16, 2018-am-Colly-God's Answers

Dec 16, 2018-pm-Matt-By Faith God Delivers

Dec  9, 2018-am-Matt-Working With God

Dec  9, 2018-pm-Colly-The Cloud And God

Dec  1, 2018-am-Colly-Gospel Resets

Dec  1, 2018-pm-Matt-Scene At The Cross

Nov 25, 2018-am-Matt-A Commitment To Truth

Nov 25, 2018-pm-Colly-Building Spiritual Mindedness

Nov 18, 2018-am-Matt-Thanksgiving All The Time

Nov 18, 2018-pm-Colly-Woman Of Faith

Nov 11, 2018-am-Colly-When We Don't Know

Nov 11, 2018 -pm-Matt-I'm Responsible

Nov  4, 2018-am-Colly-Discovering A New World

Nov  4, 2018-pm-Matt-Ambassadors Of Christ

Oct 28, 2018-am-Matt-God Supplies Our Needs

Oct 28, 2018-pm-Colly-Light Of The World

Oct 21, 2018-am-Colly-Not Now

Oct 21, 2018-pm-Matt-Paul's Purpose To Please God

Oct 14, 2018-am-Matt-The Secret Of Contentment

Oct 14, 2018-pm-Colly-Taste And See That The Lord Is Good

Oct  7, 2018-am-Colly-Examining Ourselves

Oct  7, 2018-pm-Matt-How Early Christians Learned The Truth

Sep 30, 2018-am-Matt-Facing The Furnace

Sep 30, 2018-pm-Colly-How God Thinks

Sep 16, 2018-am-Colly-Silence Of Scripture Authority

Sep 16, 2018-pm-Colly-Beuty For Ashes

Sep  9, 2018-am-Ray-Being Balanced In Faith And Works

Sep  9, 2018-pm-Matt-Gideon Builds His Faith

Sep  2, 2018-am-Matt-Setting Goals For The Church

Sep  2, 2018-pm-Colly-Music In Worship

Aug 26, 2018-am-Colly-The Dumb Shall Sing

Aug 26, 2018-pm-Matt-Training Up Children

Aug 19, 2018-am-Matt-Gideon's Faith

Aug 19, 2018-pm-Terry Francis-Judas

Aug 12, 2018-am-Colly-Free Grace

Aug 12, 2018-pm-Matt-Biblical Parents, Good And Bad

Aug  5, 2018-am-Matt-Making Sure Of Our Aim

Aug  5, 2018-pm-Colly-Devoted In Honoring Christ

Jul 29, 2018-am-Colly-Toward Many Anniversaries

Jul 29, 2018-pm-Matt-Bible Patterns Of Motherhood

Jul 22,2018-am-Matt-Climbing Out Of A Cave

Jul 22, 2018-pm-Colly-The Hand Of God

Jul 15, 2018-am-Matt Making Good Decisions

Jul 15, 2018-pm-Jonathan-Daniel And The Lions Den

Jul  8, 2018-am-Colly-When God Came Down

Jul  8, 2018-pm-Mike and Mark-Christian Virtues

Jul  1, 2018-am-Colly-God Is Our Refuge And Strength

Jul  1, 2018-pm-Matt-Bible Pattern For Fatherhood

Jun 24, 2018-am-Matt-A Deliberate Decision

Jun 24, 2018-pm-Jason and George-Christian Virtues

Jun 17, 2018-am-Ray-Our Father

Jun 17, 2018-pm-Matt-God's Demand For The Family

Jun 10, 2018-am-Colly-How Do I Know God Loves Me

Jun 10, 2018-pm-Ray-Would You See Jesus

Jun  3, 2018-am-Colly-Hannah: A Woman Of Prayer And Praise

Jun  3, 2018-pm-Matt-Building A Foundation

May 27, 2018-am-Matt-Counting The Cost

May 27, 2018-pm-Colly-David's Mighty Men

May 20, 2018-am-Colly-Life By The Book

May 20, 2018-pm-Matt-Jesus Pray For Unity

May 13, 2018-am-Matt-A Mother's Counsel

May 13, 2018-pm-Colly-May Prayers And Songs Be Directed To Jesus?

May  6, 2018-am-Colly-What Is Being A Christian About

May  6, 2018-pm-Matt-Blessed Are The Persecuted

Apr 28, 2018-am-Matt-The Kingdom, A Service Industry

Apr 28, 2018-pm-Colly-Moral Spiritual Values

Apr 22, 2018-am-Colly-God's Plan of Salvation

Apr 22, 2018-pm-Matt-Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Apr 15, 2018-am-Matt-Culture, Conflict and Compromise

Apr 15, 2018-pm-Colly-Three Whom The Lord Commanded

Apr  8, 2018-am-Colly-God Made No Distinction

Apr  8, 2018-pm-Matt-Blessed Are The Pure In Heart

Apr  1, 2018-am-Matt-The Resurrection Is Still Relevant

Apr  1, 2018-pm-Colly-Wells Of Salvation

Mar 25, 2018-am-Colly-God Remembers God Forgets

Mar 25, 2018-pm-Matt-Blessed Are The Merciful

Mar 18, 2018-am-Matt-A Time Of Transition

Mar 18, 2018-pm-Colly-Loves Logic

Mar 11, 2018-am-Colly-If My Words Abide In You

Mar 11, 2018-pm-Zac-Is The Bible Still Relevant

Mar  4, 2018-am-Matt-The Love Of Christ Compels Us

Mar  4, 2018-pm-Colly-Thomas

Feb 25, 2018-am-Colly-Hindrances To Prayer

Feb 25, 2018-pm-Matt-Blessed are those that Hunger and Thirst

Feb 18, 2018-am-Matt-Perfecting Holiness

Feb 18, 2018-pm-Colly-Dressing To Adorn The Gospel

Feb 11, 2018-am-Colly-Romans 12

Feb 11 2018-pm-Matt-Blessed Are The Meek

Feb 7, 2018-Dee Bowman-In Him We Live And Move

Feb  4, 2018-am-Ferrell-Straying Pilgrims

Feb  4, 2018-pm-Matt-Without Blood There Is No Forgiveness

Jan 28, 2018-am-Matt-What Must I Do

Jan 28, 2018-pm-Colly-God Made All Things

Jan 21, 2018-am-Colly-Place And Purpose Of Baptism

Jan 21, 2018-pm-Matt-Blessed Are They That Mourn

Jan 14, 2018-am-Matt-Transmit The Truth

Jan 14, 2018-pm-Colly-We Are Here To Hear

Jan  7, 2018-am-Colly- A Young Man's Way

Jan  7, 2018-pm-Matt-Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Dec 24, 2017-am-Colly-Among You Stands One

Dec 24, 2017-pm- Matt-Waiting For Jesus

Dec 17, 2017-am-Matt-Learning From The Lord In Prayer

Dec 17 2017-pm-Colly-Getting Back To God's Business

Dec 10, 2017-am-Colly-I Am The Way

Dec 10, 2017-pm-Matt-Reasoning Towards Reconciliation

Dec  3, 2017-am-Matt-Why Prayer Makes A Difference

Dec  3, 2017-pm-Colly-Propitiation

Nov 26, 2017-am-Colly-ThanksLiving

Nov 26, 2017-pm-Matt-What It Means To Be Family

Nov 19, 2017-am-Matt-Count Your Many Blessings

Nov 19, 2017-pm-Colly-Greeting The Savior

Nov 11, 2017-am-Colly-Praying Like Jesus

Nov 11, 2017-pm-Matt-Complete In Christ

Nov  5, 2017-am-Matt-God Is A Rock And Fortress

Nov  5, 2017-pm-Colly-Love Your Enemies

Oct 22, 2017-am-Ray-The Balm Of Gilead

Oct 22, 2017-pm-Matt-Existence Of Evil

Oct 15, 2017-am-Colly-God Is Light

Oct 15, 2017-pm-Matt-Cain's Catastrophe

Oct  8, 2017-am-Colly-King And Priest Reduced

Oct  8, 2017-pm-Matt-Worthy Of Repentance

Oct  1, 2017-am-Matt-Losing Or Lives

Oct  1, 2017-pm-Colly-The Kingdom

Sep 24, 2017-am-Colly-What Would You Ask

Sep 24, 2017-pm-Matt-This Man Performs Many Signs

Sep 17, 2017-am-Matt-Making Preparation

Sep 17, 20117-pm-Colly-Workers Of Iniquity

Sep 10, 2017- Hurricane Irma

Sep  3, 2017-am-Matt-Illustration Of Grace

Sep  3, 2017-pm-Colly-I Corinthians 16

Aug 27, 2017-am-Colly-Going, Not Knowing

Aug 27, 2017-pm-Ray-Come To Me Little Children

Aug 20, 2017-am-Matt-The Lord Is My Shepard

Aug 20, 2017-pm-Colly-Knowledge

Aug 13, 2017-am-Colly-Second Chances

Aug 13, 2017-pm-Matt-Lessons From David's Life

Aug  6, 2017-am-Matt-What Baptism Does And Does Not Do

Aug  6, 2017-pm-Colly-Washed Sanctified Justified

Jul 30, 2017-am-Matt-It's All About Grace Submission

Jul 30, 2017-pm-Matt-It's All About Grace - Suffering

Jul 23, 2017-am-Colly-Autonomy Of The Local Church

Jul 23, 2017-pm-Matt-It's All About Grace Sanctification

Jul 16, 2017-am-Matt-Its All About Grace

Jul 16, 2017-pm-Colly-Pillar And Ground Of The Truth

Jul  9, 2017-am-Matt-Excel Still More In Exhortation

Jul  9, 2017-pm-Colly-Baal And Today's Idolatry

Jul  1, 2017-am-Colly-Do Not Be Afraid

Jul  1, 2017-pm-Matt-Understanding The Godhead

Jun 25, 2017-am-Colly-Price Others Pay

Jun 25, 2017-pm-Matt-Work In London (no audio)

Jun 18, 2017-am-Matt-What To Do When Faith Falters

Jun 18, 2017-pm-Colly-Growing up With Christ

Jun 11, 2017-am-Colly-Focus Of Our Worship

Jun 11, 2017-pm-Zac-The Evil Scepter

Jun  4, 2017-am-Brent Lewis-No audio

Jun  4, 2017-pm-Ray-Salvation In Romans

May 28, 2017-am-Ray-The Road To Emmaus​

May 28, 2017-pm-Colly-Partnership Of Christ

May 21, 2017-am-Colly-I Am Reformation Theology

May 21, 2017-pm-Jonathon-Why Do We Create Idols

May 14, 2017-am-Matt-Parents Play A Pivotal Role

May 14, 2017-pm-Ray-Prophetic Face Off

May  7, 2017-am-Ray-What We Sow

May  7, 2017-pm-Matt-The Story Of Ruth

Apr 30, 2017-am-Matt-Love Is A Package Deal

Apr 30, 2017-pm-Colly-The Bible

Apr 23, 2017-am-Colly-Providence And The Will Of God

Apr 23-pm-Matt-How Soon Can Yo Be Ready

Apr 16, 2017-am-Matt-Meeting Expectations

Apr 16, 2017-pm-Colly-James 1:19-22

Apr  9, 2017-am-Colly-James 1:17-18

Apr  9, 2017-pm-Matt-Samson

Apr  2, 2017-am-Matt-Remember The Lord

Apr  2, 2017-pm-Colly-Overcoming Hatred & Resentmaent

Mar 26, 2017-am-Matt-Love The Lord

Mar 26, 2017-pm-Colly-James 1:12-16

Mar 19, 2017-am-Colly-James 1: 5-11

Mar 19, 2017-pm-Matt-Proclaiming Unity

Mar 12, 2017-am-Colly-Be Courageous

Mar 12, 2017-pm-Matt-The Importance Of Focus

Mar  5, 2017-am-Matt-Filling The Vacuum Of Hope

Mar  5, 2017-pm-Colly-James 1:-1-4

Feb 26, 2017-am-Colly-Nazarite

Feb 26, 2017-pm-Matt-How Is The Universal Chrrch Different From The Local Church

Feb 19, 2017-am-Matt-Reaching Out

Feb 19, 2017-pm-Colly-Pharoah's Hardening​

Feb 12, 2017-am-Colly-Sanctify Christ In Your Hearts

Feb 12, 2017-pm-Matt-What Church Are Yo A Member Of-Local

Feb  5, 2017-am-Jonathan Caldwell-Making A Statement

Feb  5, 2017-pm-Don Bunting-Preaching The Gospel In New York

Jan 29, 2017-am-Colly-Love Life

Jan 29, 2017-pm-Zac McCray-Paradoxes Of Christianity

Jan 22, 2017-am-Matt-Love Rejoices With Truth

Jan 22, 2017-pm-No Services

Jan 15, 2017-am-Colly-Being Spiritually Well

Jan 15, 2017-pm-Matt-What Church Are You A Member Of

Jan  8, 2017-am-Matt-Taking A Timeout

Jan  8, 2017-pm-Colly-Immutability Of Christ

Jan  1, 2017-am-Colly-I Am Building For The Future

Jan  1, 2017-pm-Jonathan Chilcote-Jericho, The Other Stories

Dec 25, 2016-am-Matt-The Humility Of Jesus

Dec 25, 2016-pm-Colly-The Best Gifts

Dec 18, 2016-am-Matt-Draw Near To God

Dec 18, 2016-pm-Colly-Chain Of Command

Dec 11, 2016-am-Colly-Theme Of The Bible

Dec 11, 2016-pm-Matt-I Am A Child Of God

Dec  4, 2016-am-Matt-What The Cross Means

Dec  4, 2016-pm-Colly-The Essence Of Saving Faith

Nov 27, 2016-am-Colly-Thankfulness

Nov 27, 2016-pm-Matt-Being Perfect

Nov 20, 2016-am-Matt-A Gratitde Of Heart

Nov 20, 2016-pm-Stacy Crim-One Thing Is Needful, Choosing The Better

Nov 13, 2016-am-Colly-God Is So Good

Nov 13, 2016-pm-Matt-An Impartial Judge

Nov  6, 2016-am-Matt-Election Results

Nov  6, 2016-pm-Colly-God's Blueprint

Oct 30, 2016-am-Colly-Nebuchadnezzer

Oct 20, 2016-pm-Matt-What Faith Can Do

Oct 23, 2016-am-Matt-Love Is Not Resentful

Oct 23, 2016-pm-Colly-How To Keep God's People United

Oct 16, 2016-am-Colly-Power Of Choice

Oct 16, 2016-pm-Matt-An Exemplary Church

Oct  9, 2016-am-Matt-Grace For The Humble

Oct  9, 2016-pm-Colly-An Abiding Hope

Oct  2, 2016-am-Colly-The Kingdom Of Christ

Oct  2, 2016-pm-Matt-Joseph's Brothers

Sep 25, 2016-am-Matt-Living Like Joseph

Sep 25, 2016-pm-Colly-Mary, A Woman In God's Favor

Sep 18, 2016-am-Colly-Keys To A Healthy Family

Sep 18, 2016-pm-Matt-Am I My Brothers Keeper

Sep 11, 2016-am-Matt-People Of The Book

Sep 11, 2016-pm-Colly-What Is Yor Name

Sep  4, 2016-am-Colly-Faith In The Fiery Furnance

Sep  4, 2016-pm-Matt-The Work At Citrus Park 2016

Aug 28, 2016-am-Matt-Love Is Not Angry

Aug 28, 2016-pm-Colly-Forgiveness

Aug 21, 2016-am-Colly-Giving To The Needs Of The Saints

Aug 21, 2016-pm-Matt-Athletes In Action

Aug 14, 2016-am-Matt-Buried With Christ

Aug 14, 2016-pm-Colly-Patriarchs

Aug  7, 2016-am-Colly-Give Thanks

Aug  7, 2016-pm-Matt-Purpose Of The Old Testament

Jul 31, 2016-am-Matt-Can You Hear Me Now

Jul 31, 2016-pm-Colly-Distinctive Spiritual Leadership

Jul 24, 2016-am-Colly-A Little Becomes A Lot

Jul 24, 2016-pm-Matt-Misunderstanding Baptism

Jul 17, 2016-am-Matt-Foundation Of Faithfullness

Jul 17, 2016-pm-Ray- Godly Living

Jul 10, 2016-am-Colly-Two Masters

Jul 10, 2016-pm-Matt-Rich And Poor

Jul  3, 2016-am-Matt-Freedom From Sin

Jul  3, 2016-pm-Colly-The Source Of Morality

Jun 26, 2016-am-Colly-Gird The Truth

Jun 26, 2016-pm-Matt-How Do We Manage The Clock

Jun 19, 2016-am-Matt-God's Role Of Man

Jun 19, 2016-pm-Colly-Proving Our Discipleship

Jun 12, 2016-am-Colly-The Narrow Gate

Jun 12, 2016-pm-Ray-How To Ask The Right Questions About Salvation

Jun  5, 2016-am-Matt-Love Is Not Rude

Jun  5, 2016-pm-Colly-God Knows What We Face

May 29, 2016-am-Colly-Religion Our Way Or God's Way

May 29, 2016-pm-Matt-Jesus, The Key To The Canon

May 22, 2016-am-Matt-Ready To Answer

May 22, 2016-pm-Colly-Fallen Angels Fallen Men

May 15, 2016-am-Colly-Cords Of Vanity

May 15, 2016-pm-Matt-What Love Looks Like

May  8, 2016-am-Matt-Respect For Mother's

May  8, 2016-pm-Colly-My Need To Know God

May  1, 2016-am-Colly-Three Gardens

May  1, 2016-pm-Matt-Refuge In God (no audio)

Apr. 24, 2016-am-Matt-Love Is Not Proud

Apr. 24, 2016-pm-Colly-Four Bible Fools

Apr . 17, 2016-am-Colly-How Robust Is Your Faith

Apr . 17, 2016-pm-Matt-Saved By The Gospel

Apr . 10, 2016-am-Colly-Baptisim Of Jesus

Apr . 10, 2016-pm-Ray-Walk By Faith

Apr.  3, 2016-am-Matt-Survival Of The Fittest

Apr.  3, 2016-pm-Colly-Can You Say That

Mar. 27, 2016-am-Matt-Importance Of The Ressurection

Mar. 27, 2016-pm-Colly-Eating Meats

Mar. 20, 2016-am-Colly-Only Jesus

Mar. 20, 2016-pm-Matt-Two Ways

Mar. 13, 2016-am-Matt-Jesus, Our Answer

Mar. 13, 2016-pm-Colly-There Is Still One Man

Mar.  6, 2016-am-Colly-Two Are Better Than One

Mar.  6, 2016-pm-Matt-A Sense Of Community

Feb. 28, 2016-am-Matt-Jesus Stills The Storm

Feb, 28, 2016-pm-Colly-The Amazing Jesus

Feb. 21, 2016-am-Colly-Cast Your Cares On Him

Feb. 21, 2016-pm-Matt-Overcoming Envy

Feb. 14, 2016-am-Matt-God's Chosen

Feb. 14, 2016-pm-Colly-Twelve Spies

Feb.  7, 2016-am-Colly-Keeping Your Promises

Feb.  7, 2016-pm-Matt-Raising Grand Children (partial audio)

Jan. 31, 2016-am-Dee Bowman-Mending Fences

Jan. 31, 2016-pm- Dee Bowman-To Be United

Jan. 24, 2016-am-Matt-More Keys To The Kingdom

Jan. 24, 2016-pm-Colly-What I Want To Hear God To Say

Jan. 17, 2016-am-Colly-First Things First

Jan. 17, 2016-pm-Matt-How Is Our Reception

Jan. 10, 2016-am-Matt-Keys To The Kingdom

Jan. 10, 2016-pm-Colly-Letters From John

Jan.  3, 2015-am-Colly-Fresh Start With The Lord

Jan.  3, 2015-pm-Jimmy Petrousse- Seychelles (no audio)

Dec. 27, 2015-am-Matt-You've Been Invited

Dec. 27, 2015-pm-Colly-Who Is A Saint

Dec. 20, 2015-am-Colly-Contagious Joy

Dec. 20, 2015-pm-Matt-On The Road To Emmaus

Dec. 13, 2015-am-Matt-God's Kindness

Dec. 13, 2015-pm-Colly-No More Of This

Dec.  6, 2015-am-Colly-The FI5TH Gospel

Dec.  6, 2015-pm-Matt-Isaiah's Call Is Ours

Nov. 29, 2015-am-Matt-The Patience Of God

Nov. 29, 2015-pm-Colly-Displeased With God

Nov. 22, 2015-am-Colly-Thanksgiving

Nov. 22, 2015-pm-Matt-Overcome Evil With Good

Nov. 15, 2015-am-Matt-The Diligence Of Jesus

Nov. 15, 2015-pm-Colly-Sound Doctrine

Nov.  8, 2015-am-Colly-Five Things God Cannot Do

Nov.  8, 2015-pm-Matt-Quality Of Service

Nov.  1, 2015-am-Matt-Power Of Resurrection

Nov.  1, 2015-pm-Colly-The Branch

Oct. 25, 2015-am-Colly-Taming The Tongue

Oct. 25, 2015-pm-Matt-Genuine Love

Oct. 18, 2015-am-Colly-Brothers

Oct. 18, 2015-pm-Zac-Life Is A Battlefield

Oct. 11, 2015-am-Matt-By The Grace Given Me

Oct. 11, 2015-pm-Colly-Authority

Oct.  4, 2015-am-Matt-Glory To God

Oct.  4, 2015-pm-Colly-Old Testament Women

Sept. 27, 2015-am-Colly-A Voice A Reflection A Step

Sept. 27, 2015-pm-Matt-A Living Sacrafice

Sept. 13, 2015-am-Colly-Marks Of A Healthy Church

Sept.13, 2015-pm-Matt-How Do I Know

Sept. 6, 2015-am-Matt-Seeking God Brings Satisfaction

Sept. 6, 2015-pm-Colly-Why Do You Stand Looking

Aug. 30, 2015-am-Colly-Discerning Good And Evil

Aug. 30, 2015-pm=Matt-The Lord Is My Shepard

Aug. 23, 2015-am-Ray-Show Them (no audio available)

Aug. 23, 2015-pm-Colly-People Without Shame

Aug. 16, 2015-am-Colly-Blest Be The Tie That Binds

Aug. 16, 2015-pm-Matt-Sailing On The Mediteranean

Aug,  9, 2015-am-Matt-Faith And Feelings

Aug.  9, 2015-pm-Colly-Trial By The Word

Aug.  2, 2015-am-Colly-Choices

Aug.  2, 2015-pm-Matt-Waiting On The Lord

Jul. 26, 2015-am-Matt- God's Invitation

Jul. 26, 2015-pm-Ray-Peace With God

Jul. 19, 2015-am-Ray-Cast Down But Not Destroyed

Jul. 19, 2015-pm-Matt-Parable Principles

Jul. 12, 2015-am-Matt-A Way Of Escape

Jul. 12, 2015-pm-Colly-Put Off Put On

Jul.  5, 2015-am-Colly-The Cloud And God's Authority

Jul.  5, 2015-pm-Matt- God's Rule In The Kingdoms Of Men

Jun. 28, 2015-am-Matt- God Is In Control

Jun. 28, 2015-pm-Colly-Reconciled

Jun. 21, 2015-am-Colly-God, Abba, Father

Jun. 21, 2015-pm-Matt-A God-breathed Word

Jun. 14, 2015-am-Matt-Finding Our Support

Jun. 14, 2015-pm-Ray-Truth About Lying

Jun.  7, 2015-am-Ferrell-Serving God

Jun.  7, 2015-pm-Ferrell-World Of Jesus

May 31, 2015-am-Colly-Regeneration, Born Again

May 31, 2015-pm-Zac-Being A Leader

May 24, 2015-am-Ray-One Another

May 24, 2015-pm-Colly-How To Convert Others

May 17, 2015-am-Colly-Devotion To Prayer

May 17, 2015-pm-Colly-Philemon

May 10, 2015-am-Colly- Mother's Day

May 10, 2015-pm-Matt-A Great Salvation

May 3, 2015-am-Ray-Letting Our Lights Shine

May 3, 2015-pm-Matt-A Great Salvation

Apr.26, 2015-am-Colly-The Lord Bless You And Keep You

Apr.26, 2015-pm-Matt-What Kind Of People Are We

Apr.19, 2015-am-Matt-Wisdom From Above

Apr.19, 2015-pm-Colly-The Hand Of The Lord Was Upon Me

Apr.12, 2015-am-Colly-Do You Believe In Angels

Apr.12, 2015-pm-Matt-Why Do Tragedies Occur

Apr. 5, 2015-am-Matt-Doubting Thomas

Apr. 5, 2015-pm-Colly-Destroy This Temple

Mar.29, 2015-am-Colly-You Promised

Mar.29, 2015-Matt-David's Vision

Mar.22, 2015-am-Matt-Philemon

Mar.22, 2015-pm-Colly-Zebah & Zalmunne

Mar.15, 2015-am-Colly-Peter - Not So Lord

Mar.15, 2015-pm-Matt-Gideon A Reluctant Hero Prt2

Mar. 8, 2015-am-Ray-The Messiah

Mar. 8, 2015-pm-Matt-Gideon A Reluctant Hero Prt1

Mar. 1, 2015-am-Colly-New Testament Christian

Mar. 1, 2915-pm-Matt-Our Words Matter

Feb.22, 2015-am-Matt-Wrestling With Doubt

Feb.22, 2015-pm-Colly-God's Moral Standards

Feb.15, 2015-am-Colly-She Has Done A Good Work

Feb.15, 2015-pm-MattThe Christian In A Digital World

Feb. 8, 2015-am-Matt-Eating The Lords Supper

Feb. 8, 2015-pm-Colly-There Is a Way That Is Right

Feb. 1, 2015-am-Colly-What Do You Want Me To Do

Feb. 1, 2015-pm-Matt-The Passover A Teachable Moment

Jan.25, 2015-am-Colly- Psalm 103

Jan.25, 2015-pm-Colly- No Audio Available

Jan.18, 2015-am-Colly-Giving

Jan.18, 2015-pm-Matt-A Heart Condition

Jan.11, 2015-am-Matt-Our Work Together

Jan.11, 2015-pm-Colly-Keeping Our Word

Jan.04, 2015-am-Colly-Seeking First

Jan.04,2015-pm-Matt-Moving Torward Jesus

Dec.28, 2014-am-Matt-Righteousness

Dec.28, 2014-pm-Colly-We Are Called

Dec.21, 2014-am-Colly-The Blood Of Jesus

Dec.21, 2014-pm-Matt-God Makes It Right

Dec.14, 2014-am-Matt-God Is Speaking- Can We Hear Him

Dec.14, 2014-pm-Colly-Joseph Opening The Storehouses

Dec. 7, 2014-am-Colly-What Will We Do In Heaven

Dec. 7, 2014-pm-Matt-The Rich Young Ruler

Nov.30, 2014-am-Matt-Going Home

Nov.30, 2014-pm-Colly-Handwriting of God

Nov.23, 2014-am-Matt-Listen

Nov.23, 2014-pm-Matt-The Need For Patience

Nov.16, 2014-am-Matt-Doing Good

Nov.16, 2014-pm-Colly-Security Of Believers 

Nov. 9, 2014-am-Colly-Facing Our Fears

Nov. 9, 2014-pm-Matt-Climbing Out Of Our Cave

Nov. 2, 2014-am-Colly-Managing Anger

Nov. 2, 2014-pm-Matt-Getting Our Attention

Oct. 26, 2014-am-Matt-Confessing Christ

Oct. 26, 2014-pm-Colly-Imatators Of Christ

Oct. 19, 2014-am-Colly-Boundaries

Oct. 19,2014-pm-Matt-Making Good Decisions

Oct. 12, 2014-am-Matt-Paul Before Felix

Oct. 12, 2014-pm-Ray-Please, Recognize

Oct. 5, 2014-am-Colly-The Power Of Prayer

Oct. 5, 2014-pm-Matt-Making Sure

Sept 28, 2014-am-Matt-Calling For The Doctor

Sept 28, 2014-pm-Colly-Pauls Roman Doxology

Sept 21, 2014-am-Colly-Antiques

Sept 21, 2014-pm-Matt-Seeking The Lost

Sept 14, 2014-am-Matt-Nehemiah Cared

Sept 14, 2014-pm-Colly-Why Do You Cry For Me

Aug. 31, 2014-am-Colly-How Can I Support The Church

Aug. 31, 2014-pm-Zac-How Do We Love Others

Aug. 24, 2014-am-Matt-God Knowing Us

Aug. 24, 2014-pm-Colly The People Imagine A Vain Thing

Aug. 17, 2014-am-Colly-I Was Blind But Now I See

Aug. 17, 2014-pm-Matt-Paul's Belief In God

Aug. 10, 2014-am-Matt-The Compassion Of Jesus

Aug. 10, 2014-pm-Colly--Virgin Birth And The Ressurection

Aug. 3, 2104-am-Colly-Keep Your Heart

Aug. 3, 2014-pm-Matt-Knowing God

Jul. 27, 2014-am-Matt-Grace

Jul. 27, 2014-pm-Colly-Christ In Us

Jul. 20, 2014-am-Colly-Our Three Homes We All Need

Jul. 20, 2014-pm-Matt-Boasting In The Lord

Jul. 13, 2014-am-Matt-Getting Some Rest

Jul. 13, 2014-pm-Matt-Use And Abuse Of Authority

Jul. 6, 2014-am-Colly-Melchizdek

Jul. 6, 2014-pm-Matt-Jesus And The Demons

Jun. 29, 2014-am-Matt-Do Over

Jun. 29, 2014-pm-Colly-Joseph And The Two Women

Jun. 22, 2014-am-Colly-The Road To Emmaus

Jun. 22, 2014-pm-Matt-For I Am Holy

Jun. 15, 2014-am-Ray-Growing in Strength and Knowledge

Jun. 15, 2014-pm-Matt-As God Is Holy

Jun. 8, 2014-am-Colly-Baptism-What Does The Bible Actually Say

Jun. 8, 2014-pm-Matt-When The Going Gets Tough

Jun. 1, 2014-am-Matt-Truth and Tolerance

Jun. 1, 2014-pm-Colly-The Rich Poor Widow

May 25, 2014-am-Colly-Memorial Day

May 25, 2014-pm-Matt-Friends

May 18, 2014-am-Matt-Growing Closer To God

May 18, 2014-pm-Zac-Sacrifices Pleasing To God

May 11, 2014-am-Colly-Who Is First

May 11, 2014-pm-Matt-Strength From Weakness

May 4, 2014-am-Ray-Steadfast Hope

May 4, 2014-pm-Matt-Truth And Freedom

Apr. 27, 2014-am-Colly-Babel

Apr. 27, 2014-pm-Matt-Weeping And Rejoicing

Apr. 20, 2014-am-Matt-Resurrection

Apr. 20, 2014-pm-Colly-Psalm 122

Apr. 13, 2014-am-Colly-Why Do We Not Trust God

Apr. 13, 2014-pm-Matt-The Rich Man And Lazarus

Apr. 6, 2014-am-Matt-Two Prayers

Apr. 6, 2014-pm-Colly-Pentecost

Mar. 30, 2014-am-Colly-Rejoice In The Lord

Mar. 30, 2014-pm-Brian-Lessons From The Anthill

Mar. 23, 2014-am-Matt-Ten Commandments

Mar. 23, 2014-pm-Colly-Little Faith

Mar. 16, 2014-am-Colly-Does God Have To Say No

Mar. 16, 2014-pm-Matt-Evangelist

Mar. 9, 2014-am-Matt-Spiritual Growth

Mar. 9, 2014-pm-Colly-Imitators

Mar. 2, 2014-am-Colly-Lord Of The Sabbath

Mar. 2, 2014-pm-Matt-True Riches

Feb. 23, 2014-am-Matt-Casting The Seed

Feb. 23, 2014-pm-Colly-When A Little Is Much

Feb. 16, 2014-am-Colly-Gratitude

Feb. 16, 2014-pm-Matt-Nehemiah Man On A Mission

Feb. 9, 2014-am-Matt-Power Of The Cross

Feb. 9, 2014-pm-Matt-Lord Supper Passeges

Feb. 2, 2014-am-Tim Smelser-Peer Pressure

Feb. 2, 2014-pm-Tim Smelser-Gods Message For Good Marriages

Jan. 24, 2014-am-Colly-Training or Trying

Jan. 24, 2014-pm-Matt-A Better Hope

Jan. 19, 2014-am-Matt-Someone Who Sympathizes

Jan. 19, 2014-pm-Colly-Getting From Here To There

Jan. 12, 2014-am-Colly-Children In The Marketplace

Jan. 12, 2014-pm-Matt-Divided Kingdom

Jan. 5, 2014-am-Matt-Taking The Bible Seriously

Jan. 5, 2014-pm-Colly-Our Prayer Posture