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Our resources section is designed to provide you with tools to help you learn about the Bible and information for Citrus Park members.


  • The Bible blog is an article concerning a Bible subject. We encourage you to read and consider.


  •  Our visual presentations have short messages that are posted in a youtube format. There are a range of Bible stubjects with more being produced every week.


  • Our audio page has recently recorded sermons on a variety of Bible subjects to which you can listen.


  • Our special series' page provides audio recordings of special studies we have conducted during the last five years. They include archaeology, the family, evolution, the challenges facing our youth and the relevance of the Bible to our culture today.


  • Our Luke's writings  page provides you with a link to our site. Once you are there, you can read, research and review both of Luke's writings - the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. These are companion volumes that provide a two-part study of what Jesus did and taught during His earthly ministry and then the work of HIs apostles in spreading that message once He ascended into heaven.


  • Our member resources page provides Citrus Park members with informaton related to our work together.


  • Our evangelism page has recent reports from evangelists we support.

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